Periodically, I will share with you “the inside” of what’s going on at The Tornado and invite some of our students to blog along with me.

Our dream came true as of 6:00 a.m. on Friday.  K-TOR The Tornado launched!  To think how far we have progressed in just a few short months is truly mind boggling!  It is really hard for me to wrap my mind around the whirlwind we have experienced since last September!

True, it does take a leader to build and maintain such an effort.  But, a leader is only as good as the team assembled around him.  For starters, Carter Burlison and Alex Ramirez.  These students, literally overnight, were asked to anchor a weekly one hour, commercial free, radio program.  With little or no initial prep time, the microphones were turned on and the “K-TOR on MyBayArea Radio” premiered right after Labor Day.  Yes, you could hear the fear in their voices during the first couple of weeks. Once they settled in, they began blazing trails!  This one-hour weekly show has now lead to a full-fledged 24/7 internet radio station – “K-TOR The Tornado.”  So, thank you to Carter and Alex.  I will never lose sight of your fearless work!

Thank you to the Galveston ISD Educational Foundation who, through a Spring grant in 2015, provided the initial funds to purchase equipment for the studio!

Thank you to Ball High School principal Joseph Pillar!  He is a very busy campus AND district leader who constantly takes the time to stop by and check on us.

Thank you to Matthew Neighbors, director of the Media Arts and I&E small learning communities at Ball High School!  One of the best things that has happened to our program is being able to interact and work with Mr. Neighbors on a daily basis!

Thank you to Dr. Annette Scott, Julie Schmid, and Molly Allmond for their unyielding vision of a model magnet program and your continued encouragement behind the scenes!

Thank you to Dr. Kelli Moulton, the district’s Superintendent of Schools!  With her unbelievable responsibilities and time commitments, she always finds the time to stop by and give us all of our support!

Thank you to the Galveston ISD Board of Trustees!  Your love and support is felt on a daily basis!

Thank you to Dyann Polzin!  Thank you for always being a trusted friend and supporter!

Thank you to our good friend David Mendel!  Your constant voice and mentorship is truly appreciated!

Thank you to all of our community sponsors who will soon be voices on The Tornado!

And, thank you is an understatement, but the a BIG thank you to Nate Stockard of MyBayArea Radio.  It is only through your innovative and creative thinking that has allowed us to launch such a project.  You gifted us with an incredible opportunity.  You have taken a big chance.  And, you will never be disappointed!  We will always be your model to showcase to others!

Through the rest of today, as we finish the holiday weekend, you will continue to hear special programming on The Tornado.  As with anything new, we are working through some technical issues and hour by hour we are becoming more comfortable with all of your new gadgets and the automated system.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), you will begin to hear our set schedule.  Remember, this is a “station,” not “show.”  You will hear many new voices and shows.  This is very exciting!  The Friday show (K-TOR on MyBayArea Radio) will continue both on MyBayArea Radio and The Tornado!

And, as they say, stay tuned!

- Mike Dudas


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