Yesterday, our radio station received a big computer and technology upgrade. Thank you to GISD MIS Chief John Mathis and campus tech Kevin Anthony! The switchover was flawless!

Last night, Carter, Alex and guest co-host Damien prerecorded their weekly "K-TOR on MyBayArea Radio" show at the United Way's 94th Annual Meeting and Campaign Celebration at Moody Gardens. The red carpet event recognized community stars and celebrated accomplishments that continue to ensure the success of the United Way's 24 participating agencies. K-TOR The Tornado was proud to be the recipient of the "Rock Star" award presented to the team. Thank you United Way of Galveston!

Several new hosts were added to the team this week. So excited!

And, thank you to Harold Levine and Carol Hodges for your generous sponsorships!

Wrapping up another busy week!

The Magnet Communities of Ball High School

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